Firexo: A recipe for success in the catering industry

Firexo: A recipe for success in the catering industry

Despite the huge levels of innovation that the catering and hospitality trades have experienced over the years, it is still an industry that is extremely vulnerable to the risk of fire. In restaurants and takeaway establishments, London Fire Brigade estimates that kitchen appliances were responsible for a quarter (25%) of fires suffered, with cookers accounting for 23% and electrical faults responsible for 17% of fires, during the last financial year.

As a pioneering firefighting liquid that can extinguish any type of fire, Firexo brings much needed protection to the catering industry, especially in the form of its sachet. The sachet can put out a pan fire in a matter of seconds – quite the contrast to the traditional firefighting methods. It is simple to utilise too, needing only to be put into the pan.

Putting water on a pan fire can turn the fire into a blaze, quickly making the situation more dangerous.

It is not just the fire itself that can have a huge impact on the business either. The consequential damage and mess created by extinguishing a fire can lead to a huge loss of revenue. Using traditional fire extinguishers, with their powder and foam solutions, can cause a lot of contamination, forcing a business to close while the cleaning operation is carried out. The Firexo sachet eliminates this too, as well as the fire itself, by taking down the fire in less than a minute, with little mess.

After a fire a business must comply with strict insurance regulations to be able to open once again – equating to more revenue lost during this process. One of these regulations is that the substance in sprinkler systems, present in commercial cookers, must be refilled before a business can legally reopen. This can be a costly and lengthy process, but with Firexo tackling a fire before it escalates, these sprinkler systems won’t even be triggered.

The need for Firexo to cook up a storm in kitchens is further highlighted by the fact that, in the last financial year, cooking appliances contributed to almost half (48%) of all domestic fire incidents, according to Home Office data. This just shows how dangerous cooking appliances can be, and how regularly fires break out because of them.

Firexo is an innovation that could potentially save the catering and hospitality trades millions of pounds lost to fire every year.